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Diverse Media. Diverse Talent.

Fragile Wildflower Productions is a multimedia production company specializing in diversity. 

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Take Two is Fragile Wildflower Productions' premier miniseries. It will be presented in 4 chapters.

episode 4 is out now!


Take two centers around a very driven Hollywood director named Sloan Simien. Sloan is anxiously returning to the business after a nervous breakdown. Her no holds barred agent Max is in charge of procuring Sloan her "comeback" project, which is being produced by the esteemed construction company magnates the hall family.  The dashing Ian Hall, the youngest scion of the family, really feels the pressure as he's been tasked to helm their first foray into film. Sloan's a shoo-in for the project except for the fact that her arch nemesis, Regina, has the lead role.

Ian is also undergoing personal stress of his own as his older brother Ethan desperately wants to see him fail, and his praying mantis like ex-fiance' Francesca is back trying to prey upon him. We also meet Sloan's ex-husband Josh, a legendary old school movie producer, who incites Sloan to no end every time she lays eyes on him. Meanwhile, Max decides she needs to have a life outside of work. thus, she tries her hand at a new kind of online dating and is pleasantly surprised with the results. 

Will Sloan get her chance at a comeback? will Ian prove himself to his family and survive francesca unscathed? Will Max finally find love from an unsuspecting place? All these questions and more will be answered. 

Stay tuned for Take Two!